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PolyPhonix Studio 1.8

PolyPhonix Studio is a MIDI music editor to make polyphonic ringtones
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PolyPhonix Studio is a MIDI music editor that allows you to make polyphonic ringtones.
PolyPhonix Studio lets you develop or edit SP-MIDI (polyphonic) music optimized for your mobile phone, and generates ringtones that are compatible with a wide range of devices.

With this tool you can remove unnecessary instruments, sections or notes., set priorities on an instrument-by instrument basis, add "vibration" instruments, useful in Nokia phones, display graphs of the polyphony level for particular instruments and upload/download ringtones directly to mobile phones via Bluetooth, infrared or data cable.

You can take any MIDI file and modify it to create your desired ringtone.

In this demo version you will be able to test all the editing capabilities of the program, but you won´t be allowed to save anything. You can upload a ringtone to your phone, but the program will add a 3 second silence at the beginning of the ringtone. You will be able to use those features fully with the registered version only.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a powerful tool to edit any MIDI file and create an original ringtone for your phone


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